Happy Birthday, Wonder Woman!

When my sister and I were kids, I liked to dress as Batman and she was always by my side as Wonder Woman. I had no idea then that Shauna would come to embody her childhood superhero title. 

Decades since we donned capes and magic bracelets, my sister has no super powers. She doesn’t fly an invisible jet, nor does she have a hit movie about her. But she is Wonder Woman. After a rough childhood and all the challenges of our teens, twenties, and so on, (plus a few major curve balls no one expected), my sister is a super hero. I look at her and wonder how this woman does what does. 

A mother of four (including triplets), my sister is married to a great man, owns a successful small business, mentors young women, and inspires our family. She does it all, and amazes people. She’s the best mother I have ever see in action. Today, I celebrate my sister on her birthday. Every day I thank God for her and for all He has bestowed upon her. 


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